From 3D printing to smart home hubs, companies involved with Silicon Canal in and around the city of Birmingham are doing some really exciting things this month. We spoke to some great companies in our Silicon Canal network to find out what they’re working on during August – with the future looking bright for plenty!

The Backface studios team will be at Birmingham’s Museum & Art Gallery at the end of the month showcasing all things 3D printing. Using the latest technologies in the world of 3D creative design, they will be asking visitors to come along and ‘donate’ a body part to be 3D scanned.

They’ll then be combining all the parts from different people to turn into one incredible art piece that will be displayed at the Museum & Art Gallery. You can get involved by joining them on 25th August from 1-4pm.

3d printing

Most people have heard of smart homes now, which is a huge change from just a few years ago (thanks to Nest, Amazon and Apple!) As a start-up, nCube isn’t quite as well known, but is probably one of the most forward-thinking smart home businesses around – as demonstrated by its upcoming new smart home hub.

During conversations with businesses they serve and homeowners already using nCube, the team saw a need for elements like power and internet back-up, support for a myriad of radio technologies, offline storage such as for camera footage and choice over voice integration. As this box of tricks combined would cost a fortune, the nCube team have decided to do something no smart home hub has done before: go modular.

They’re already helping companies with this new piece of tech, assisting a pop-up office company who needed both a mobile network and a need for voice control. The new hub is being presented on the new nCube website for availability later this year, and the team are now busy working with launch-partners over the next few months!


Gifts for little hands have been busy this year launching their Learning Club – a monthly subscription box packed full of fun activities to help children aged 3-5 to learn and develop. With the focus of the company being on helping children to meet their milestones and have fun with educational toys, it’s hoped that the club will offer a further way of advancing children in their learning.

In particular, this month they’re looking to develop the platform even further by looking at gamification of the product, which is already 50 subscribers strong!

children's book

Buckt are ready to start developing an app that would make it easier for their customers to book the mystery activities they receive each month. Offering a monthly subscription box for tickets and activities, Buckt are starting work on a new solution that would enable customers to book these activities via their own app.

Not only would this improve the customer journey, but it would allow them to look at a whole load of new data, including: what types of activities they do and don’t do, how long it takes for them to book on, when they complete the activities, what they think of the activities etc. They’ll then be able to use that data to identify trends such as when subscribers are likely to cancel, allowing them to make more informed decisions to help them grow the company further.


Thalamus are working on something pretty exciting! The applied AI and intelligence company are just coming to the end of their InnovateUK project to spot mistakes during interventional cardiology using artificial intelligence.

Their algorithm is now successfully discovering mistakes that doctors missed and they are now in the process of licensing it to a medical device company – watch this space, big things are coming.

Got anything interesting coming up in the next couple of months? We’d love to feature you, too! Get in touch by contacting us here.



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