New ways to expand your horizons crop up all the time, but how often do you take advantage of them?

This year, we’re all about improvement: enhancing knowledge, learning more, and doing better to keep Birmingham top of the UK’s tech map. Each week, there are plenty of free and paid for events you can attend to do just that – and we’ve put together our favourites below that are coming up over the next few weeks.

What is it? Birmingham Open Code – open study
Who’s it for? Folks who program or want to get started
When is it? Tuesday 22nd January, 6:00PM

Birmingham Open Code will be gathering for an open study evening next week, looking at all things coding and programming. The meetup is for anyone who is new to coding and wants to learn, all the way up to those who are well-versed in programming in various languages.

The session will have a collaborative approach, and you can bring your laptop, your current projects, and any burning questions you have about coding for our experts to answer – or for you to answer yourself!

What is it?
#MidsTest with Louise Gibbs
Who’s it for? Anyone interested in learning more about automated/software testing
When is it? Wednesday 23rd January, 6:30PM

Louise is a software test engineer at Malvern Panalytical, and her talk will be focused on improving the relability of automated test. She’ll be discussing how over-reliance on technology can be pretty dangerous – what happens when it all goes wrong?

There will also be time to network and socialise with other event attendees both before and after Louise’s talk.


What is it?
Maker Monday
Who’s it for? Those wanting to immerse themselves in all things tech and creative
When is it? Monday 28th January, 5:30PM

January’s edition of Maker Monday will see two speakers share their inspirational insights in tech. First up will be Mar Dixon, creator of many projects including Open Community Lab and MuseumCamp, with experience in culture, digital, publishing and tech.

You’ll also be able to hear from Adam Clarke, leading Minecraft artist and digital producer, responsible for some of the most innovative Minecraft projects in the world. Drinks and food are also included for an event not to be missed.

What is it? 
Personal Data Activism and Advocacy
Who’s it for? GDPR geeks
When is it? Monday 4th February, 6:00PM

GDPR was big news in 2018, and there’s still so much knowledge around the subject to brush up on. Luckily, this event, co-organised with the Open Rights Group (ORG), will enable you to discover more about your personal data.

You will be able to hear from the experts and discuss how to exercise your GDPR rights – and how to look after the rights of others too.


What is it? Monthly Robotics Night
Who’s it for? Robotics fanatics – especially those with mini robots!
When is it? Wednesday 13th February, 7:00PM

This free event held by fizzPOP is a monthly affair, with a fun mini robot sumo competition you can get involved in. You can bring yours along to compete, or pop along to chat to others about building your own.

The team are also looking at expanding their monthly event to include even more insight and tech know-how, so watch this space!


You can view – and book onto – all of our events via our dedicated events page on our website.



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