+44 (0)208 819 3271
Faraday Wharf, Holt Street, Birmingham
5-10 People
Founded 2014
Funding £1M+

At Droplet we had been watching payment for some time: technology has been changing the way the world interacted in every space but payment was still locked in the legacy systems of 30 years of retail banking. We knew that mobile was set to interrupt this state of play and our simple, user-inspired technology soon solved the payment challenge, linked it neatly to an unique social messaging capability & moved on to provide a full suite of next-generation mobile commerce tools. First we decided to help enterprise merchants to become truly cashless businesses. Droplet replaced cash and card-processing at POS with technology that sent and received payment from a phone as quickly & simply as sending a text: No pricey upgrades, no clumsy plug-ins. We discovered that people prefer paying with their phones as they could see at a glance exactly where they've spent their money. Soon they started sharing their delight by Tweeting their payments. This meant that our merchants could talk directly to their customers about their experiences using social media. So it was a small but crucial step to introduce a social timeline into the Droplet user experience that featured their most recent purchases and reminded them at a glance of some favourite conversations. Just Like That.

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