(0845) 520-2321
Faraday Wharf, Holt St , Birmingham
1-5 People
Founded 2011
Funding £101-500k

Etive provides personal and property digital data handling solutions through a series of web based 'Log Book' products - the Digital Log Book for personal information and the Home Log Book for property information. Digital Log Book (DLB) The Digital Log Book supports local authorities and social landlord's digital transformation of customers and services, which encourage customers to self serve to better manage their tenancy, digitally engage, prepare for welfare reform and manage their digital identity. The award winning Digital Log Book is a personalised portal that enables public, private and third sector organisations to create an online digital identify for their customers. It can be used to help customers manage their finances, tenancy, access to employment, education, health and well-being and enable self-service for users, automation and personalised content. It is an open platform enabling delivery of most products and services making it easier for providers of services to pick and choose between different services from different suppliers. As it is an open framework it ensures that people can reuse their digital identity rather than having other people’s proprietary solutions which are confusing and costly. What is distinctly unique about the Digital Log Book is that the data contained within the Digital Log Book is owned and controlled by the user. The user can then share their information with public/private sector service providers safely and securely to ensure that they can access appropriate services based on their needs. This helps to drive out business efficiencies for service providers by reducing duplication and wastage and supporting more targeted service delivery, in-line with Government requirements. Home Log Book (HLB) The Home Log Book is a unique online record of property information which enables a landlord, tenant and owner to access all appropriate property information. The Home Log Book stores, captures and records all information about a property ensuring consistency, quality and integrity of property information for the life of the property. Both the Digital Log Book and Home Log Book are designed to ensure appropriate information can be shared with any third party supporting the sharing of information. In addition to the above, Etive manages the 5 largest water and energy efficiency projects in Scotland for Scottish Water. Two of these projects works with social housing tenants on helping them to better manage their water and energy use to minimise the risk of fuel poverty.

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