Falanx Cyber Defence


+44 (0)20 3747 4651
Studio 23, Fazeley Studios, 191 Fazeley Street, Birmingham
Founded 2014

Products alone are not enough. Most organisations do not have the in-house resource to fully understand the issues of Cyber. Even large organisations with internal teams in this space need support. Organisations need a single engagement point with a trusted supplier to manage their threat landscape and risks, which requires combining multiple disciplines and concepts within the field of cyber security. They also want to know they are engaging the best company to work with to solve their cyber issues.

With our trusted advisors and services, we work with organisations to help clarify the issues of Cyber and provide agile and effective services and solutions. Falanx Cyber’s services manage Cyber threats and risks and create organisational confidence and trusted environments.

Falanx Cyber Defence was established in April 2014 solely for the purpose of providing class-leading Cyber Security Services and Solutions. Falanx Cyber combines the expertise of Falanx Assuria, and Advanced Security Consulting (JustASC). Together, as Falanx Cyber, we deliver an end-to-end capability either as specific engagements or fully-managed services.

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