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Flaunt is the result of a collaboration of some of Birmingham’s top marketers and tech entrepreneurs. Fed up of spending hours putting PowerPoint reports together, the Flaunt team decided to build a simple, automated screenshot reporting tool, perfect for social media and PR agencies.

"Stunningly simple reporting that clients love. Keep your team happy and your clients coming back.”

The tool enables marketers to gather their evidence throughout the month by taking screenshots and adding comments. These “Flauntlets” are categorised and automatically added to the reports. The software generates beautiful reports that are on-brand, showcasing the hard work and results achieved, completely avoiding the mad end-of-month reporting stress.

The screenshot nature of reporting means that Flaunt can integrate an infinite range of sources and analytics tools to report on virtually any key performance indicator. The comments feature also gives Flaunt an edge over purely analytical tools because clients are largely concerned with the interpretation of data; not just the raw numbers.

The methodology and design of the reports was the result of years of experience and research in what kept clients happy and what was easiest for staff members to use. Most marketers and businesspeople agree that keeping clients is far easier than finding and selling to new ones. As such, Flaunt is both a productivity and client retention tool as a product of being a great reporting tool.

Gather your evidence: take screenshots of your work throughout the month, adding comments and details. Generate beautiful reports: automatically create stunning on-brand reports that showcase your best work. Smile as your client smiles: enjoy your client's excitement as they see both your hard work and your success.

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