(0797) 759-6527
Mercury House, Shrewsbury Business Park, Shrewsbury
1-5 People
Founded 2015
Funding £0

Ordrly is a new startup designed to take a small volume of documents and post them! Existing web-posting services are designed for bulk mailing, Ordrly fills the gap for the growing market of users who no longer need to bulk mail or can't access traditional postal services, but instead can now send individual items in the post via our service. These users include small businesses who have a small number of customers who need to receive paper documents & don't use email (documents include invoices, statements, quotes), the disabled (who may find access to the postbox difficult), elderly, users abroad wishing to post into the UK without high air mail costs and also those who live a significant distance from a postbox. In many cases, using Ordrly may prove more cost effective than printing, travelling to the postbox and posting, or more convenient.

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