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iCentrum, Innovation Birmingham Campus, 6 Holt Street, Birmingham Science Park Aston, Birmingham
1-5 People
Funding £1-100k

The UK is already facing unprecedented demand for skilled workers that employers are struggling to source. Changes in UK Productivity do not reflect the improvement in education standards over the same time period, Why is this? QCL believe that this reflects the gulf that has grown between education, Business and the third sector including innovation. Digital Technologies or more evasive than ever, and are driving significant business change and transformation. Today’s students face a bewildering choice of subjects to study but are ill informed on the employment choices they have. Often these are based on Academic achievement rather than Core Skills, and yet they are the most digitally enabled generation of all time. (Examples, 3 year old using iPads. Google, Apple and Microsoft have entered their DNA) Employers tell us that they need a future workforce that can help deliver growth, is skilled, and which can demonstrate the 3A’s the right “Attitude”, “Aptitude” and “Application” (the ability to apply digital skills). QuickCode labs provides a new and innovative approach to learning that delivers demand led education to apprentices focused on the 3A’s and the application of digital tools. QCL’s Founders recognised the need to join the dots between employers, educators, digital solution providers and students. It has developed a collaborative learning environment which places its focus on the development of a set of core skills that underpin the 3A’s alongside the practical delivery of solutions to “real life” business problems. Its methodology is based on Lego’s proven approach to serious play which has been extended to include digital tools, project management and the creation of career pathways to support the developing apprentice frameworks. “From the playground to the boardroom” Our vision is to empower the digital workforce of the future. I want to work with FE and other training providers, to give anyone who demonstrates the required ability (the 3A’s), regardless of academic achievement the core skills and digital tools to become a valued employee. The team have successfully completed a proof of concept working in partnership with Solihull College and University centre, BCU and local business and recognised experts in their business sectors. The results have been extraordinary in such a short time frame. We now plan to take the model to scale in September 2017 with over 100 students. We will also be delivering the first apprentice training capability with the students who were part of the POC this year. I am seeking support from host employers, corporate sponsors and investors to develop and build the collateral and environment required to deliver this.

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