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An affordable SEO services consultancy that specialises in the search engine optimisation for B2B SMEs and I do things a little differently to your typical professional SEO company or freelance SEO consultant.

How so? I don't simply expect you to provide us with the keywords you want to rank for. Instead, I provide you with a free no-obligation SEO website audit and report. Not only does it show you:

  • your keywords and rankings 
  • their search volumes 
  • your backlink profile
  • your site's technical SEO
  • your social media profiles
  • your local SEO presence

It also shows you the same information for three competitors of your choosing. This can give you valuable insights into keywords, backlinks, content and much more that may be available to you that can form the basis of your SEO campaign. In addition, it gives you real world competitive benchmarking of your online presence in comparison to your sector.

What else sets you apart? Well, I don't charge on a retainer basis. Instead, I charge on a project by project pay as you go SEO basis. To clarify, you’re not locked into any contract, only into the individual SEO package you’ve committed to. This way, you can:

  • use as much or as little as you want, when you want
  • judge us by the results of the work I produce
  • know exactly the work I’m undertaking on your behalf

This last point, transparency in the work that I do, shouldn't be underrated. Your digital reputation is something that should be keenly guarded and not knowing what work that is being done in your name could have ramifications now or possibly in the next few month or years from now.

So what work can I undertake? I offer a range of SEO services in our search engine marketing process that includes:

In addition, I can help with your other online marketing difficulties you may have, and all done in-house. These can include:

So, for your free SEO report either call us today or fill in our contact form on our website.


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