Innovation Birmingham Campus, Faraday Wharf, Holt Street, Birmingham
5-10 People
Founded 2015
Funding £501k-£1m

Supermeal is a food retail services business which provides online food ordering services. After successfully launching in the UK in June 2015 and Indian subcontinent in October 2012, Supermeal has developed a mature platform and unique business model. 

Whilst this sector is still maturing rapidly in the EU countries over the last few years the dominance of only two companies and their competitive behaviour has pushed the development of online food ordering services in a very narrow direction and the UK restaurant user base are beginning to react to the shortcomings of this current model.

The service also offers Restaurant a whitelable Android and iOS app that syndicates the restaurant menu/content from the Supermeal platform. In the UK, restaurants pay between £499 and £699 for the whitelable app with license renewal policy after 12 months and 10% to 12% from the order total price. is located in:

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