Sustainable Microclimates Ltd


0330 1200 300
Innovation Birmingham Campus, Faraday Wharf, Holt Street, Birmingham
1-5 People
Founded 2017
Funding £1-100k

Our mission

Sustainable Microclimates helps art galleries, museums and private collectors look after our cultural heritage treasures so they can be enjoyed by present and future generations. Our goal is to ensure museums are actually sustainable: ecologically and economically. Today, government funders are applying pressure to cut the sector’s energy usage in order to curb costs and greenhouse gas emissions, so the big dilemma faced by museums and art galleries is how they can limit heating and air conditioning without damaging their works on display and in storage. In addition, the users of unpowered showcases are still finding they’re having to use models, old and new, that draw in and trap dust, and rapidly consume costly sorbents that are labour-draining to maintain. We help by optimising the effectiveness and efficiency of local display and storage enclosures that run without mains electricity, using novel technologies that work smarter to keep the “good air” in, save on building energy, and reduce carbon footprints. Why waste time, money and energy conditioning the sorbents in showcases and the air in vast and leaky buildings, when we can make the most of the local air within these potentially protective cocoons?

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