Founded 2015
Funding £10m+

Tehuty is a media and technology company founded in 2015, Tehuty provide a range of online services  including but not limited too - internet search and digital advertising services. We have a range of  additional services for the local and international market that include, music streaming, social networking, email marketing, web-mail, property search and management, e-commerce, video streaming, article and blog publishing, worldwide maps and directions, online radio and TV and a range of Apps geared to work in harmony with our current services and websites. The company was founded by entrepreneur Samuel Burris who has over a decade of experience in running a record label along with various other company's that range from music to technology. Tehuty's aim is to "Keep The World Connected" and now has hundreds  of thousands of users from across the world.  Tehuty is a Web Portal with 20 + online services which users can access with a single log in, Tehuty.com 

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