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Studio 501, Custard Factory,, 2 Gibb Street, Birmingham
Founded 1843
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We operate lean, intelligent, self-organising teams and are strong advocates of agile practices; specifically Scrum, Lean Architecture and Design Thinking. Our engineers are not short of opinions and can argue their points as well as any of our journalists, usually by example but stay grounded in respect and humility. We love not only what we do, but why we do it. In an era of digital, narcissistic noise and fake news, being part of the voice of reason means something. Our technology stacks are evolving and are by no means fixed. We need people who can advance and progress the designs, constantly improving the solution and themselves in the process. We encourage new ideas, approaches and thinking, in particular demonstrating the ideas in executable code. We work closely with software engineering powerhouses such as Google and Facebook, and we encourage our developers to interact directly with them. We will also be starting our own open source initiative to contribute to the community and encourage the advancement of the industry as a shared goal. This year we celebrate our 175th birthday and are stronger than ever. We have drive and optimism in technology, and smart people to push us harder and further, not simply embracing change but also defining it. Our team are so passionate about what we do that they have written various different articles: And check out this article talking about our new app:

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