2 St Philip's Place, Birmingham
1-5 People
Founded 2015

The idea for trakkif came after observing the many frustrations people can experience when engaging with Customer Services within larger organisations. The main issues stem from the fact that none of the prevailing technology is actually designed or particularly suited for this purpose. The likes of email, texting, telephony, and even post or social media networks are the primary channels for customer communications, but they do not have the features necessary to deliver the complex needs of today’s organisations – or indeed their customers. Many companies have deployed CRM systems to overcome the limitations and to improve their own management of their customers, and to date this has been quite effective – for the organisations at least. But the other vital piece of the jigsaw – the customer – has not been accounted for. And as we now find ourselves in the "age of the customer", a solution is required which both re-balances the relationship, and provides the features to meet the ever increasing demands and expectations in the highly competitive world of commerce. So this is where trakkif comes in. It has been designed from the ground up to offer secure, trust-based communications supporting direct, 2-way dialogues. These can range from both simple messaging to more complex exchanges containing response buttons and even form-based data. There are a host of other features supported, such as in-built tracking, dead-lined expiring messages, and third-party orchestration, which combine to form the perfect framework for organisations to build and deliver a whole new breed of customer services. We like to call them "customer services that customers love".

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