Gibb Street, Birmingham
10-25 People
Founded 2014
Funding £1M+

VoxPopMe was started by a small team based in Birmingham who wanted to create a platform to allow consumers to voice their opinion on topics important to them and to give brands a way to connect better with their customers. We looked at the methods available for this type of feedback and as a team with a lot of mobile experience felt mobile technology and video could be combined to provide the perfect platform. So we set out building a small proof of concept, spoke to some brands about out proposition and did a demo to a small group of angel investors, not knowing how people would react. Very quickly we realised that we had struck upon something that could be of great use to brands, solved a genuine problem and there was a real interest in the product. Since those very first meetings we have learnt a great deal and the platform has come a long way. Since launching in May 2013 we have gained good traction working with companies including McDonalds, Sony, EE, Waitrose and many more household names. Our Mission is to provide better understanding. We are passionate about video and believe it provides a level of insight and feedback far greater than alternative methods. Video is honest, emotive and visual and puts you right inside the mind of the people who matter most to you. It’s been an exciting journey so far and we have a great team that are dedicated to growing the business. We are completely committed to providing our growing international client base with best in class tools that provide better understanding helping them make better decisions.

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