The Wonder Why Society


(0789) 490-8506
iCentrum, Holt Street, Birmingham
5-10 People
Founded 2015
Funding £101-500k

The learning revolution is here. Our learning community safely connects learners, schools & industry experts together.

The Wonder Why Society is a fully moderated collaborative learning community that is FREE for state primary schools. A place where children, teachers, parents and industry experts can work together to inspire, create, debate and innovate. We believe every child can achieve. By providing a safe, fun and inspiring environment, children can learn independently, improve their learning and social skills and aspire to be whatever they want to be.

To bridge the gap between education and industry, we give businesses the opportunity to have a permanent presence in and out of the classroom in a safe, interactive environment.

In turn we give children a safe, exciting space to learn and aspire in. It allows them to connect with each other and learn safely.

Schools can use our inspiring materials, use it to teach digital skills and online safety . It can be used in any subject.

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