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The Venture Centre, Warwick University Science Park, Sir William Lyons Road, Coventry
5-10 People
Founded 2015
Funding £1-100k

Increasing numbers of companies are inviting their customers to become Loyalty Club Members issuing them with points every time they purchase the companies products. In return you can get a combination of free products, discounts and special member offers. It may not, however, surprise you to know that research has shown that nearly 2/3 of all the loyalty points issued are not used. Typically, you have to be a pretty frequent purchaser to get enough points to redeem them for anything that you consider meaningful – if you ever get enough points that is! YoozPoints is different We developed YoozPoints to provide a way of actually using your points to have a bit of fun – rather than at best watch them doing nothing for you – and at worst expiring and losing them altogether. YoozPoints is a regular series of Prize Draws which you can enter by using those unredeemed loyalty points, typically just 50 – 100 points are required to enter any of your draws. There is a whole range of draws on offer from Electronic, Household and Gardening, Motoring, Holidays, Flights and Accommodation, Shopping, Lifestyle and more..so you are bound to find a prize that interests you. Only points from Loyalty Programmes that have adopted YoozPoints as a way of redeeming can be used - If your programme is not yet a “YoozPoints Programme” do contact us and let us know and we will try to enable this in the future. So why not ‘Yooz’ your points rather than ‘Loze’ Them

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