181 School Road, Hall Green, Birmingham
1-5 People
Founded 2015
Funding £1-100k

Increase Conversions, sales and traffic by adding a branded call-to-action and retargeting pixels to every link you share.

Zubbit.io is a URL shortener that also allows you to add a fully customisable branded call-to-action and/or retargeting pixels to any web page you want to share, so you can turn every link you share into a laser targeted ad!

Using retargeting pixels on each of your shared zubbit links you are able to create custom audiences on a number of different social media networks and/or retargeting ad platforms.

From these custom audiences you will then be able to run retargeting adverts back to those who clicked on your original zubbit link.

It might all sound a bit techie but don't worry it's really easy with no coding required and in just a few steps you can be building powerful retargeting audiences within minutes.

You can use zubbit for Email Retargeting, Social Media Retargeting, Content Retargeting and even Influencer Retargeting.

zubbit works with virtually every ads platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, Google AdWords, AdRoll, Critrol, ReTargeter, Perfect Audience, SiteScout, Exact Drive and more..

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