A couple of days to go until we hear from some inspirational speakers, on what we can do to help close the Gender Gap in Digital, in the Midlands.

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Things you’ll take away:

 –       Practical tips and tools to help you create more inclusive businesses, that help women to thrive in Digital careers (and people generally!)

–       Practical, simple tips for people who aren’t in management roles, on what you can do help close the gap in your teams

–       What it’s really like to be the only woman in the room, and simple things we can do to help

–       How to approach cross-training into Digital Careers – the challenges and how you can overcome them

–       Tools and advice for HR and Hiring Managers to better attract and support women to apply for your roles and cross-train into Digital Careers

–       Insights on what future careers could look like for children and students and how we can start to share this in schools

–       Tips on how to develop yourself as a more inclusive leader

–       Key learnings from the whole festival – what can we all do to help close the Gender Gap from grass roots, right through to transforming our organisations

Book your tickets here

Look forward to hopefully seeing you on Thursday 🙂

We still have sponsorship opportunities too, if you’d like to hear more please email molly@siliconcanal.co.uk

The DIDFest Team

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Molly Thompson

Molly Thompson

Hi, I’m the Community Engagement Officer for Silicon Canal (CIC), where I am connecting, supporting and promoting individuals and companies in the tech community, from startups and freelancers to SME’s and multinationals, with the aim of making the West Midlands the very best region for people living and working in technology.

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