Diversity in Digital Fest is a month long, city wide festival in Birmingham, made up of incredible events that aim to inspire behaviour change and close the Gender diversity gap in Digital.

This festival is for Women, Men, Kids, Parents, Teachers, Business Leaders… there is something for everyone!

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The Vision:

The lack of diversity in the digital sector is an ongoing challenge. Birmingham is forecasted to become the UK’s second plural city by 2024, and as one of the most diverse cities in the U.K we want to help ensure that the population is properly represented throughout the tech industry. Through a month long, city-wide ‘Diversity in Digital Festival’, we aim to celebrate, challenge, inspire and take action on making a difference for years to come!

Each year we will focus on a different strand of the Diversity spectrum including Gender, BAME, LGBTQ, Disability, Age, Cognitive Thinking, each of which require different approaches. The festival will be made up of a number of unique and independent events, workshops, conferences and projects that ultimately help to raise awareness – bringing together people, schools and businesses to focus on what they can do to take action and make a difference.

This year it’s Gender

For the very first festival we are going to celebrate all things Women in Tech; engaging, attracting, retaining and developing more girls and women in the industry. We will help to bring together all of the wonderful people and events in Birmingham that are trying to encourage, empower and inspire more girls and women to get into STEM, and to thrive in STEM careers.

The month-long festival will be broken down into four themes including; Play, Inspire, Community and Leadership. Each theme will focus on different groups of people and will have clear ways for attendees to get more involved and take next steps in developing their understanding of how to join local communities.

What does success look like?

We’re here to help grow a community that will help foster new and positive relationships, whilst inspiring people to take action on what they can do to make a difference.

We want this Festival to be a real celebration of all the amazing people we already have in Birmingham, and to start to create a place of belonging for all the girls and women we have in STEM careers here.


So far this event has been run entirely by volunteers with no sponsorship only the help of our friends, if you are interested in supporting or sponsoring us please do get in touch with hello@didfest.com

Simon Jenner

Simon Jenner

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