Silicon Canal posted a survey for our members to ensure that we could fully understand the voice of our community and that we could align our strategy with these results in mind.

What was the response?

  • People are largely motivated by growing their network, keeping informed, and hiring
  • Business promotion is perhaps not as important as we thought
  • People have largely succeeded in growing their personal and professional networks
  • There is a strong demand for greater learning and support

Silicon Canal Action Points

  • Tech drinks is really popular with over 50x people in attendance each month – great networking opportunity for people to grow their networks (First Thursday of the month at the Button Factory)
  • Silicon Canal job board is now a free of charge service
  • The Silicon Canal Investment in Tech working group has launched the Green Light Investment ready programme. If you are looking to raise investment of between £100k & £1m then see how we can help.
  • We are putting on more events this year to ensure people can keep growing their networks
  • We are increasing the output of interesting content to keep you informed with Tech news
  • We are actively looking at other ways we can support the community – please do get in touch with any ideas
Molly Thompson

Molly Thompson

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