Okay so this is a bit of weird and wonderful blog post, something a bit personal!  I started, my dream role (eeek!) at Silicon Canal a month ago, and this is my story so far…  


I say this is my dream role because since starting my working life journey, I knew I wanted to talk to and work with, amazing people in Birmingham, I wanted to help and promote companies, up and coming and those already established, I wanted to make a difference to BIRMINGHAM (BIG UP BRUM!).


So far, whilst being at Silicon Canal, so good, I’ve been to some wonderful events, including the Men of Colour Conference, the Urban Tech Summit, the Great British Entrepreneur Awards with NatWest, and OF COURSE, our very own Greater Birmingham: Tech Awards (Which were AMAZING by the way)! I took on and conquered my fear, speaking in public, I got the opportunity to speak on a Women in Tech panel, and then the following week, hosted one.  


I have to say, a massive thank you to those that have already reached out to me, met with me or organised to meet with me so I can enthusiastically tell you all about who Silicon Canal are, and what we are trying to do and proved to be achieving.  To those who haven’t please do reach out to see how we can help you or your company, I promise, I don’t bite, I will probably chew your ear off though, about all the amazing things happening within Silicon Canal and Greater Birmingham (emphasis on the GREAT)! 


Molly Thompson – Silicon Canal, Community Manager


If you’d like to get in touch to see how you or your company can help with the amazing work we do at bringing together the Community in Greater Birmingham please do email me: hello@siliconcanal.co.uk


Molly Thompson

Molly Thompson

Tech events: Simulation Interest Group meeting is on Jan 17, 2019 01:00PM find out more here zpr.io/yVTK

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