Leigh White, winner of Graduate Developer of the Year at our 2018 tech awards, is planning to enhance her skills even further this year.

After her work with both Cogcept, Birmingham-based AI consultancy, and School of Code, which aims to get more people into technology, Leigh was awarded the Graduate Developer of the Year award at our Silicon Canal Tech Awards back in November.

“I was quite surprised to be honest,” notes Leigh on her award win, “but grateful to be recognised for what I’ve been doing!”

Last year proved to be an exciting time for Leigh, culminating in her award win and cementing her position in Birmingham’s tech industry as a force to be reckoned with. She recalls how 2018 enabled her to get her teeth into plenty of projects:

“Lots of exciting things happened for me in 2018! I was one of the School of Code’s bootcampers, so the year started with a pitch of an app that me and my team mates had been working on to over 100 people.

“I then landed my first software development role at Cogcept where I have been involved with building projects for clients from scratch, which has been really fun!”

And she cites her work with the School of Code as her highlight of last year:

“I played a part in the development of their online platform that aims to teach beginners how to code in a fun, gamified way.

“In November last year we flew out to Lisbon to exhibit the platform at the Web Summit. It went down really well, I got to meet lots of interesting companies out there and at the same time had a little holiday – can’t go wrong!”

Now, the dedicated developer is looking at what 2019 holds for her – and how she plans to use what she learnt last year to take her career forward:

“Personally, I’d like to spend this year really developing my technical skills so I can get better at what I do as there’s always so much more you can learn in this field.

“I’d also like to get more involved in the local tech scene and will be looking for opportunities to do so.”


We’re sure there will be plenty of opportunities for Leigh – and everyone else – to get involved with Birmingham’s tech scene over the coming months. Make sure you check out our events page for the full list of all upcoming events, as well as our blog which picks out the top five events you can’t afford to miss!



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