The Silicon Canal Green Light Investment Programme is designed to be light touch support to help tech businesses get investment ready. Those companies that complete the programme and are green lighted by the independent investment panel are then added to the green light list which is sent to local, national and European investors. Looking for Investment apply now


Promote Greater Birmingham investment opportunities to a wide investor base. The aim is to do some of the leg work for investors by providing a level of deal flow screening for them. The hope is this increases the number of investors considering investments into Greater Birmingham tech companies.

Note– This programme is not designed to secure investment for you but to get you investment ready.

Programme Structure

This is a light touch programme run on a single day as well as mentor meetings which take place as and when suits the company and mentor.

The afternoon sessions consist of four workshop group sessions covering:

  1. Session 1 -Investment Introduction
    1. What motivates a Crowd Funder/ Angel/ VC/ Corporate VC and how do you pitch to them?
    2. Preparing your deck(s) – information you need and what will turn off an investor straight away!


  • Session 2 – Investment Masterclass

We bring in one VC and one Angel to go over their approaches to investment

  • The VC/Angel process and what each investor looks for
  • How do you find the right investor for you and what questions should you be asking them?
  • You’re in a meeting with an investor you aren’t pitching to – make the most of it!
  • What do I need to look for in the Legal documents?


  • Session 3 – Pitch Workshop
    • Three and a half hour session on presenting in an authentic and credible manner
    • Led by a performance coach, this session will focus not on what is presented but how it is presented.


  • Session 4 – Pitch Practice and Investor Pitch
    • The final session and the biggie!
    • 3 key questions every investor will ask, and how to nail your response
    • Pitch to the investment panel (independent panel of experts). The panel will provide feedback of ‘not ready’ or ‘Green lighted’ to move forward.

In addition to these sessions each founding team will be connected with a mentor to advise them on their personal investment strategy including deck re-hauls, investor hit lists, and any other investment related queries you may have. This is a free programme funded by Silicon Canal and it’s sponsors.

Next Programme: June 11th 2019 or Oct 15th 2019

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To apply for the programme you must meet the following criteria :

  • Be an established UK Ltd company
  • Be looking to raise between £100k & £1million in equity investment
  • Be based in Greater Birmingham
  • Be a tech/digital company
  • Have a team i.e. at least two co-founders
  • Have a product in market with customers


If you are a Seed investor in early stage technology companies and would like to receive our green lighted company list then please signup here.

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