The Green Light Investment Panel meets once a quarter to review selected startups to determine if they are investment ready. Those that are selected as ready are green lighted and added to the investment ready list which is distributed to investors nationally.

Panel Members

The panel members are made up of a group of independent individuals who represent both entrepreneurs, investors and professionals. They have experience in raising investment, assessing startups for investment or have subject matter technical expertise. Examples of panel members are:

  • Investors (Angel, VC)
  • Entrepreneur founders who have raised investment
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants

Member List

Tong Gu – Accelerated Digital Ventures (Investor)

Lee Parry – Enigma Digital (Entrepreneur)

David Coleman – University of Birmingham (ecosystem support)

Tim Kay – KPMG (ecosystem support)

Trevor Power – Aston University (ecosystem support)

Mike Morgan – Hays (ecosystem support)

Aanisah Begg – Midven (Investor)

Mark Lazar – (ecosystem support)

Bob Stone – University of Birmingham (technologist)

Adrian Ryan – (entrepreneur & investor)

Ross Northall – Moore Stephens (ecosystem support)



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