A Birmingham start-up has been selected by Birmingham success story, Gymshark, to develop its managers and ensure they live up to the company’s ‘Talent Without Limits’ ethos.

Enploy, based at Innovation Birmingham, has been appointed by fitness brand, manufacturer and online retailer, Gymshark, to embed its infectious and entrepreneurial culture.

Founded by Brummie Ben Francis in 2012, Gymshark is one of the fastest growing companies in the UK with customers in over 131 countries. The company turned to Enploy to enable and equip new managers, helping them to become the best versions of themselves.

Enploy was challenged with creating a high-energy, fast-paced programme to engage with Gymshark’s young future leaders. To achieve this, Enploy designed the Gymshark ‘growth mindset for managers’ programme, equipping staff with all the tips, tricks and techniques they need.

Blending their online diagnostic and entrepreneurial mindset courses with interactive face to face workshops, Enploy were able to deliver the perfect package for Gymshark, as managing director, Jon Allen, commented:

“Our company is built on the belief that entrepreneurial skills and behaviours drive success, so it was fantastic opportunity to work with Gymshark, a company that epitomises this belief.

“We focused on Enploy’s six crucial areas of a 21st century mindset: opportunity recognition, creative thinking, tolerance to risk, emotional intelligence, leadership and self-belief. The result was a bespoke high energy, agile, eight-week programme, aimed at expanding participants learning and enabling them to unlock their full potential.”

Gymshark employees undergo Enploy training.

Beth Armstrong, HR consultant at Gymshark, was equally as pleased with the partnership: “As Gymshark continues to grow, it becomes even more important that the staff understand the history of the company and the driving force that has made it a success – ‘Gymshark was built on big risks’. To help us achieve this we brought in Enploy, a company that not only provides people with entrepreneurial skills, but actually embodies the entrepreneurial approach.

“The way Enploy was able to tailor its courses to create a bespoke programme for the Gymshark team was fantastic. It was great to have short burst sessions alongside the e-learning, as the blended approach worked really well and hit how people learn. The feedback we received since the training has all been positive and we definitely are feeling the entrepreneurial spirit across our team.”

Elfried Samba, head of digital community at Gymshark added: “It’s all about going a little bit deeper in terms of coming up with problem solving solutions and you get a different perspective on things.

Gymshark are the latest business to bring Enploy on board to develop entrepreneurial skills for its staff, following companies such Barclays and Birmingham City University, and we’re sure there will be plenty more successes in the future!

It’s great hearing about Birmingham businesses collaborating to promote further success. Do you have a story to tell? Make sure you contact us to let us know – we’d love to feature you, too!



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