We launched the Silicon Canal Tech Awards as a chance to highlight and promote the amazing talent we have in the city. Now entering another year of the awards, we’re gearing up to celebrate what has been a fantastic 2018 for our tech ecosystem.

The city as a whole has been home to some great successes during 2018, with Birmingham becoming one of the test centres for autonomous cars, 5G being tested in the second city, as well as a mention in the House of Commons for the work everyone is doing within the Greater Birmingham tech sector.

November’s awards will offer us all a chance to come together to celebrate the achievements of the past year, from individuals and startups through to the larger more established tech companies.

With eight categories from small company of the year through to developer of the year, as well as individual awards, we’re looking forward to seeing plenty of new faces this year in an industry which is seeing continuous growth.


Winners from last year’s categories have continued to see great success in their respective businesses, with 2017’s Influential Female of the Year, Naomi Watts, continuing to grow in her field and take it to the next level following her award win.

Working for Innovation Birmingham, the region’s largest digital campus supporting over 170 tech and digital businesses, Naomi’s role as project manager for Entrepreneur for the Future (e4f) sees her offer support to new innovations and businesses.

In the build up to her award win, Naomi was busier than ever helping these businesses, and Innovation Birmingham as a whole: “I was working hard at capturing as many tech and digital start-ups to be aware of Innovation Birmingham and e4f in particular.

“This paid off, getting the largest cohort inducted with 25 new businesses joining the programme. I also manage and host Tech Wednesday, which has a community of 2,000 people, 100 or so of whom attend our monthly meet up on a regular basis.”

Naomi’s incredible work meant she was deservedly crowned as Influential Female of the Year in 2017, and marked one of her greatest achievements thus far. She said: “Having the recognition of being the most influential female in technology was one of the proudest moments in my career.

“Having the support of my peers and to know that I’m doing a good job is truly exhilarating, and being up there with other influential females who I have looked up to in my career was awarding in itself.”

While she explains she was incredibly modest about her award win, she was also understandably proud: “I didn’t go shouting about my award as maybe I should have, but my colleagues and friends definitely didn’t stay quiet about it.

“I feel that it gave me the credibility to engage with more start-ups and make more connections. It has also helped with the engagement of investors from around the UK, who come to our Investor Showcase events.”

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The 2018 Silicon Canal Tech Awards will, as always, highlight and promote the amazing talent we have here in the second city.

Taking place on Wednesday 28th November at The Market Hall, at the Custard Factory, we’re looking forward to once again celebrating individuals and startups through to larger more established companies.

Come together with us next month to celebrate success. You can now purchase a ticket, nominate someone for an award in any of our categories, and also look at how you can get involved as a sponsor for the awards.




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