When Silicon Canal launched back in 2013 Birmingham was a very different place. A lot has changed over the past few years and we recognise that Silicon Canal needs to change too if we are going to continue to support the tech ecosystem in a relevant and impactful way.

Gradual change is no fun, so we planned a bit of a revolution and that revolution needed new leaders. Back in December we reached out to the community to find people with the right attitude and drive that would be able to commit to delivering change for the Birmingham Ecosystem and become the new Leadership Team of Silicon Canal. I think we were all really surprised by the number of people that responded and the quality of candidates we met.

Our new team has a very clear mission. Silicon Canal cannot be another talking shop where great theory is discussed but ultimately nothing gets done. So we have a big challenge: to set a new agenda and start delivering impactful change for our members and the wider community. Fortunately, we have some amazing people to help us meet that challenge. They are:

Genea Lynch from Capture Reality
Richard Marshall from Wealth Wizards
Naomi Watts from Tech Nation
Alistair Hey Independent Developer and King of Meetups
Marika Beckworth from WMCA
Dan Williams from the University of Birmingham Coding Bootcamp
Jack Capel from Spinks
Victoria Masso from Behaviour Hackers

You can find out more about our leaders here including what they hope to bring to the table in 2020. In the spirit of building an inclusive community, we will be sharing the goals and plan for 2020 after the first meeting  (taking place at the end of this month) and doing our best to work with and support as many people, groups and organisations as we can to achieve those.

We are very excited and can’t wait to get going!

Naomi WattsAlistair Hey

Jof Walters

Jof Walters

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