An innovative app to help teachers and students alike has been created by Birmingham-based Learning Labs, which is changing the way languages are learnt in schools around the world.  

Learning Labs, based at the Innovation Birmingham campus, created FlashAcademy in order to support teachers in helping pupils to learn a new language more efficiently.

Since it went live, hundreds of thousands of language learners worldwide have used the app to develop their foreign language skills. FlashAcademy combines various lessons, games and other engaging techniques to provide incredibly effective results for all users.

Founded by Veejay Lingiah and Richard Allen, Learning Labs have had previous success with developing a range of Post-It notes, containing foreign words, translations, visual icons and phonetics to help with pronunciation.

In 2015, the team then launched FlashSticks, their first language app to help make language fun, accessible and interactive via the use of technology.

Having seen major success with these ventures, Learning Labs developed the Flash Academy platform in collaboration with schools to ensure their app gave the right support to match the pupils’ needs.

As a team of former teachers, linguists and tech-savvy individuals, Learning Labs are continuing to explore how the latest technology can make language accessible to students all over the world.

Their recent win at the Birmingham Live’s 2018 West Midlands Tech Awards, where they claimed the accolade for Innovation in Education, serves as a testament to the team’s dedication to a very worthy cause.

The app boasts a variety of different languages which pupils can learn, with features such as interactive grammar lessons, in-depth challenges, feedback on pronunciation and even the ability to point your device at an object to translate anything around you.

It’s free to download via the App Store and Google Play, and we can’t wait to see what else the talented team have in store in 2018.



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