As we edge even closer to this year’s Silicon Canal Tech Awards, we’ve been reflecting on just how many fantastic companies and individuals have gone on to even greater success following their tech awards win. We caught up with Hannah Quinton, winner of developer of the year in 2017, to see how she’s progressed since the awards.

Starting at Birmingham-based eLearning platform GuyKat as a graphic design intern, Hannah Quinton’s series of promotions now sees her manage an incredibly talented eLearning development team and was a key factor in winning the developer of the year award in 2017:

“I have now been the Lead eLearning Designer at GuyKat for nearly 7 years! Prior to the awards, we had been working on a number of larger projects that have created new challenges and opportunities for the business. This meant our small team expanded and we welcomed new channels to our original offering.

“The biggest surprise was introducing a number of developers into the LMS professional services team specialising in customised dashboards to host the eLearning content we were creating. It meant that we collaborated on a full learning solution and introduced new knowledge into our team.”

Hannah Quinton

Hannah’s dedication to her role and clear passion for both her career and that of her team meant she was crowned a deserved winner at last year’s tech awards, and she has seen further success since then – even taking a huge leap to set up her own startup:

“Life has been non-stop since the award, in a great way! GuyKat’s success has continued, as the business has grown significantly in the last few years and we are looking at a 50%+ growth this year, which we are super chuffed about!

“However, my own biggest personal development has been starting up my own partner company, called CloudTeach. This new venture aims to launch an educational eLearning portal creating quality, bite-sized content. I’m excited to see how to be the creative director of my own tech start-up and use the experience and knowledge gained from my previous role to support this new journey.

“I also found my own confidence increasing, I was once fairly nervous to speak on the phone and now I jump at the opportunity to go meet my client’s face to face.”

And Hannah has been full of praise for Silicon Canal in enabling her to grow as a developer and enhance her career to reach the incredibly successful point it’s currently at:

“I was truly honoured to be awarded developer of the year because, firstly, my job means a lot to me but also because Birmingham has been where I have found my career and home. I am an adopted Brummie, moving to Birmingham from London after graduating university.

“For me, Silicon Canal represents one of the first networking events I ever attended, and my way of finding like-minded people I could really connect with. I hope I can represent a niche industry of creative eLearning developers that are proud to be working in tech.

“It’s also important to me, that the enthusiastic and passionate team I manage, to see that working hard and being yourself – even if that means being a little bit crazy – can mean achieving good things. I am proud to be part of a small technology company and even more humbled to be recognised as part of a developer community in Birmingham. I can’t express how lucky I feel to be in a job I love.”

awards banner 

The 2018 Silicon Canal Tech Awards will, as always, highlight and promote the amazing talent we have here in the second city.

Taking place on Wednesday 28th November at The Market Hall, at the Custard Factory, we’re looking forward to once again celebrating individuals and startups through to larger more established companies.

Come together with us to celebrate success. You can now purchase a ticket, nominate someone for an award in any of our categories, and also look at how you can get involved as a sponsor for the awards.




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