Digital technology businesses are at the heart of the UK economy and are playing an important role in driving growth. The impact of this dynamic sector is profound, predicated on a fundamental belief in innovation and doing things differently.

Digital technology businesses are transforming the employment landscape, driving productivity, and reimagining traditional industries. Greater Birmingham’s identity is largely characterised by its history; city of a thousand trades, birth city of the industrial revolution, home of the Lunar Society and the heart of the automotive industry. But what is its modern day brand, what does Greater Birmingham stand for in 2016?

With a diverse and young workforce, strong transport connections, one of the highest qualities of life in the country, Greater Birmingham has all the raw ingredients. Greater Birmingham has a huge opportunity to grow into one of Europe’s strongest tech & digital ecosystems but in order for that to happen, the ecosystem requires the building blocks and, most important of all, it needs leadership.

While many would focus on just the current strengths and shout about these, the journey really starts with having a shared understanding of the gaps, along with a clear strategy that supports the sector to accelerate its output both economically and creatively.

This whitepaper examines the Greater Birmingham digital technology ecosystem, identifies how it can improve and suggests potential solutions to grow the ecosystem into a successful ecosystem that competes on an international stage.


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