After winning the title of Angel/Seed Investor of the Year at our 2018 awards, Birmingham businessman Mark O’Sullivan has set his sights on even bigger things this year.

Following his successful investments in several businesses during 2018, Mark was the deserved winner of his award back in November.

And it’s not only that which he’s been celebrating. His own business, Purely Plantain Chips, gained its own accolades last year too, following successful new partnerships with Planet Organic, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, which Mark has cited as one of the many highlights of last year.

Commenting on how the year played out for him overall, Mark said: “2018 was a fantastic year for me both personally and on a business level. Being able to get involved in many new businesses whilst improving my network massively and also improving all businesses I work with made it a really special year.”

There’s no doubt that Mark will be on the lookout for more “amazing new businesses” to invest in during 2019, as well as increasing the exposure for Purely, which is already getting notable attention as an all-natural, vegan-friendly and gluten-free snack alternative.

On his award win, Mark commented on how great it was to be recognised for something he just loves doing: “More than anything it just highlights what I love to do in investing in new projects and people that have great ideas and innovation and need some elements of support.”

Up next? More of the same; Mark told us there will be “many more tech developments in 2019” as well as further planned investment into different companies, as well as “a number of new business interests.”

Looking at what he’s got planned, we’re pretty confident Mark may be shortlisted at this year’s Silicon Canal awards too!



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