Silicon Canal is pleased to announce the launch of the Greater Birmingham Tech Awards 2017 (Beta). The awards are the communities chance to highlight and promote the amazing talent we have from individuals and startups through to the larger more established tech companies.

The 2017 Tech Awards categories have been created to represent the entire tech ecosystem, from tech giants through to fresh grads just starting out. Here are the 8 award categories:

– Best Tech Startup
– Most Influential Female in Technology
– Best Angel or Seed Investor of the Year
– Smallest Company of the Year
– Largest Company of the Year
– Most Influential Male in Technology
– Graduate Developer of the year
– Developer of the year
– Outstanding Technology Individual of the Year

The judges will be announced one by one over the next few weeks but look out for some well-known industry figures.

Apply for the awards now

Buy tickets for the awards evening 23rd Nov 2017

Molly Thompson

Molly Thompson

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