The Results are in, the most recent Tech Nation report has been dropped.

Key findings: Scaleups are driving UK global tech advantage. Ambitious tech entrepreneurs across the country are more networked than ever, and they are accelerating growth through international connections.

The report presents UK tech on the global stage.

It shows that the UK is a critical hub in the global tech ecosystem, and a strong economic performer. An exploration of companies, communities and technologies uncovers the pioneers in this era of global tech.

Quotes based on the tech nation report:

UK Prime Minister, Rt Hon Theresa May MP, commented: ‘‘The UK is a global tech powerhouse. I am immensely proud of our country’s ambitious tech scaleups. These companies are delivering significant economic value to the nation through the investment they raise, the jobs they create and the innovative products and services they deliver’’

Gerard Grech, CEO, Tech Nation commented: “The UK continues to exceed all predictions when it comes to tech growth. This report shows how the UK is a critical hub when it comes to global technology developments, with scale-up tech investment being the highest in Europe, and only surpassed by the US, China and India. This is a testament to the innovation, ambition and tenacity of tech entrepreneurs across the UK. These valuable findings will help inform how the UK as a nation can continue to foster competition and collaboration in an increasingly interconnected world.”

Midlands in stats:


We can see from below, we have lots of developer based meetups in the Midlands. We have listed the meetups we can find here

Midlands Quotes:

Birmingham: David Hardman, MD, Innovation Birmingham


The largest city in the UK after London has woken up. Inward investment and huge infrastructure projects (including the two HS2 sites in the region) – set alongside projects like the 5G testbeds and the Commonwealth Games, and the fact that Birmingham is the youngest city in Europe, with under 25s accounting for nearly 40% of the citizenship – means that with a new dose of confidence the city is thriving.


A major current challenge is one of perception. The quality of life in Birmingham is high, disposable income is higher than in most cities in the UK and the cultural scene in the city is booming. But we need this not to come as a surprise to those arriving at New Street Station or driving into the city from Spaghetti Junction.

Leicester: Peter Hitchings, Startup Leicester Co-working Project Lead, University of Leicester


There is a concerted push across the city to help new innovative and scalable businesses. New opportunities in Leicester include more flexible workspaces for early-stage and maturing tech businesses, complementing some excellent follow-on facilities across the city. Exciting events in the pipeline will focus on exploring tech to enable social innovation, and finding and supporting female tech entrepreneurs.


The main current challenge is getting a critical mass of entrepreneurs aware of each other and helping each other out on a “give first” basis. The numbers are there but we are working on bringing more entrepreneurs together and getting the word out about what help is available. Leicester is filled with bright people working on game-changing innovations so we’re excited about the potential of bringing more of them together to create new tech businesses.


Nottingham: Ken Nettleship, Business Expansion Specialist, Invest in Nottingham


One of the most exciting prospects for the city’s tech community is the development of the Nottingham Cross-Reality (XRI) Centre which will further enhance the city’s VR/AR cluster. XRI will be a collaboration between the public sector, local universities and tech community and will see the creation of a dedicated tech hub and business support programme to develop a high-quality ecosystem for startups and entrepreneurs in the VR/AR sector.


As with a lot of cities in the UK, a tightening in the local talent pool is one of the main challenges for the tech community. We’re seeing some great initiatives by groups such as Tech Nottingham to raise the profile of the employment opportunities in the city and help retain grads. Another is the Tech 1000 programme, a public/private sector initiative which is looking at developing the next generation of tech talent in the city.


Malvern & Worcester: Linda Smith, CEO/founder, BetaDen


Increased levels of investment and supporting more tech startups and scaleups will create wider devtech opportunities here. The security tech sector has historically been the bedrock of ‘Cyber Valley’ and, as the pace of digital dependence increases, there is a need for wider emerging solutions in AI, IoT, Security By Design and Machine Learning across manufacturing, production technologies, social care and many diverse societal applications.


One lies in convincing skilled and graduate talent that Worcestershire really has increasing (and exciting) tech opportunities, new transport links, and state-of-the-art technology creation environments. Another is building and creating enough business premises designed for rapidly developing tech companies, which is being addressed in Worcestershire’s Vision for 2040.


For more on the state of the region, join the Tech Nation talks on the 9th July.

At the event, they will be explaining the report as well as delving into the statistics for the Midlands. They are also inviting key influencers from the region to take part in a panel discussion on the current state of pay in our local ecosystems.

Simon Jenner

Simon Jenner

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