Since the launch of Silicon Canal’s original White Paper back in May 2016, huge momentum was generated by a group of community volunteers who came together to create a world-class tech eco-system in Birmingham.

Working groups were formed to tackle and support areas such as Diversity, Investment, Mentoring, Events in the City and Scale-up businesses. 300 people signed up to be ambassadors; we started up our monthly networking event; created the Summer Party annual event AND an awards evening to celebrate the very best Tech Talent in the City (which had over 350 people attend last year!).

We made friends with some of the most amazing sponsors out there, hired our first full-time employee (Molly) and successfully secured grant funding for us to invest into even more initiatives moving forwards.


We know we could have done more.

We’ll be launching the next White Paper with a full update at the Tech Awards on 28th Nov 2019. In the meantime, we’re going to re-jig things around here and refocus our energy to bring together a team of 10 awesome people that can help drive positive change, for everyone in the eco-system.

The team will include people with high energy, or passion for change… a positive outlook and a ‘can-do’ attitude. This isn’t going to be an ordinary committee, or board with all talk and no action (we know at times we’ve been guilty of this!).

This team will be responsible for real debate, true collaboration and ultimately results which positively impact the whole eco-system.

If this excites you and you’d like to know more (for yourself, or someone you know) then pop us a note at and we’ll follow up with the full ‘job spec’ (we appreciate it’s voluntary) and details on next steps.

Deadline to apply is 23rd October 2019.

Simon Jenner

Simon Jenner

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